Hello 2018

I actually stayed awake to ring in the New Year. Tula Hot Yoga Denver offered a silent 10:45 p.m. hot yoga class to celebrate the new year. Candles were set up around the perimeter of the studio, but otherwise the practice was essentially warm, quiet, dark, and peaceful. About 20 of us chose the start the new year this way. After the practice finished, we each wrote down our wishes and intentions for 2018 and burned them. As the paper got near the end, the ashes would fly into the air before gracefully falling back down to the earth. I made a comment that I hoped mine came true, and the teacher said “they take hard work!” to which I replied “most things do.”

Burning my goals and intentions for 2018

Burning my goals and intentions for 2018

My friend Clay set up a 30 day “contemplation challenge” for 2018. I don’t know if it’s too late to start. I think you can still sign up here. Every day for the first 30 days of 2018 a short email will arrive in your inbox with something to consider, some thought experiment that might shift your perspective, some idea that might hit you at just the right moment. I received my first one today. Chewy thoughts about those things that we can control and those we cannot.

I set goals each year. While I write up an annual review (e.g. 2017, 2016)  I don’t generally post my specific goals publicly. They are typically set in categories – work related, health/fitness related, travel (what amazing vista will be checked off my list next?), relationships (e.g. call my mom more – yes, I seriously make goals about this (hi mom!), and other things), continuing education, financial (mostly save, save, save, and consolidate 401(k)s, etc.) and other. But one of my public goals for this year is to write enough to be able to have one of those year end posts about my “top 10 posts of 2018.” Almost every blog I follow put together not only a list of the most popular (page views or comments) posts but also the most important to them as writers.

If you don’t follow these blogs, you should. But if you want to see whether they’d be a good fit, start with these.

  • Art of Manliness – (and I ask this always, where oh where is the female version of this majestic offering?) – Best of the Art of Manliness 2017. Let’s be clear, as a female, not 100% of their content appeals to me, but the quality and research dedicated to each article is amazing. The brand cohesion is spot on.  I am not a podcast person, but they also list their top podcasts. And they launched a strenuous life immersion. I love this. And where is this for women?! If I was bold this would be my goal for 2018 and beyond. Make this for women because it is timeless and amazing. Anyone want to do this with me? Not joking. I would make time for this.
  • Financial Samurai – I am new to this blog – but again, like the art of manliness – the research and quality of writing is top notch. Here are the best posts of 2017.
  • Budgets are Sexy (Jmoney) – I am also new to this blog – but I like it – here are the best posts of 2017.
  • 1500 days – because dinosaurs & he’s a Colorado guy – no best of, but here’s the archive. His goal was to become financially independent in 1500 days. He did. And he’s funny in a quirky way that I appreciate.
  • I am hooked on Aadam. Irreverent fitness advice. Best fitness post ever. This must be the fifth time I’ve posted this. But seriously read it again. Everything you need to know is here.
  • The angels sing when James Clear writes new things. I don’t even know where to tell you to begin. Actually watch this.
  • And read everything. I learned two new words this week: Akrasia and Enkrateia. Is there a heart singing emoji? His words make my heart sing. I love how he takes concepts from ancients scholars and translates them to today. I aspire to be this erudite one day.
  • In this vein, Mark Manson, is another god. 20 articles to change your life. Or just buy his book. He is a master of taking the obscure and applying it to today. I love this. And his reading list aligns with some of the works recommended in my PN Level 2 Coaching class. We had a lesson today referencing the self compassion work by Kristin Neff.

What else should I be reading? Where do you find your inspiration?

Hello 2018. I am looking forward to the mysteries that you will unveil.