Month: December 2006

Death by email

My Nannie, my father’s mother, died today. I got an email from my mom, who had gotten a phone call from one of my aunts. Funeral services will be held Wednesday January 3. No one expects me to attend. Etha

Looking Forward

Parable of the Sower, a novel by Octavia Butler whose life was cut short, begins: All that you touch You Change. All that you change Changes you. The only lasting truth Is Change. God Is Change. There is so much

A year in review

I never did write a holiday letter to send out with the Christmas cards that I also did not mail this year. I could blame the snow storm and the lack of mail service during that critical time, but mostly

Still Snowing

This is the view from our front door. I had brushed some of the snow off of my car yesterday afternoon but as you can see, it is completely buried again. We have a lot of digging to do today,

Let it Snow!

I have my alarm set to a local radio station. The weather report was on as the alarm went off. "The good news is the winter storm warning has been canceled. The bad news is it is now a Blizzard

The Limb Preservation Foundation

The Limb Preservation Foundation was founded in 1987 by Dr. Ross Wilkins with the sole purpose of saving lives and limbs. In his own words: When I started my practice over 20 years ago, 80% of patients with bone and

Good Enough

A few weeks ago Kyra wrote about her feeling of being Never Good Enough. I have struggled with this feeling in the past, especially in my teens and twenties.  It hurts to see other people having the same experience. I

Confessions of an Introvert

I found a link to fabulous article, "caring for your introvert", on Brad Feld’s blog post entitled how to take care of your introvert. This article really hit home.  I cannot express how exhausted I was when I first became