Month: October 2007

Dreams Crushed

I had not heard anything about the dream job for about a month. The last communication I had was an email from the Chair of the Search Committee who wrote in part: You made a very positive impression on the

Back on Track

You might have noticed that I’ve not been fully committed to fitness forĀ  quite some time. I’ve made a few false starts trying to get back to it but just never quite got there. I’m not sure why I did

Spyware update, bah

Well, it’s been an exciting few days. My spyware/malware problem was not fixed by SpyBot which has kept me safe for years. My Symantec Antivirus also did not prevent this and could not find anything wrong to repair. I hit

Spyware, Malware, oh my

For the last day or two every website I visited with embedded advertisements showed me the same 4 or 5 ads. All of them bordered on not safe for work. Why was Carmen Electra everywhere? No I do not want

Hate signs in my neighborhood

I live in a middle class cul du sac suburb located between Denver and Boulder. It’s a place where every home has a basketball hoop whether they are used or not. Garage doors are left open. Bikes and toys are

Funky Winkerbean

I read the comic Funky Winkerbean each morning on the Seattle Post Intelligencer. The creator, Tom Batiuk, has been unafraid to write and draw about difficult issues: teen pregnancy, adoption, alcoholism, divorce and most recently death of a beloved wife