Month: March 2006

Third Time NOT the Charm

During Winter Quarter I taught a class in Human Genetics for non-science major Honor’s undergraduate students. This was my third time teaching the class. For me, I felt that this time the class went better than either of the previous

MBA Impact

I got a reminder email today about writing my essay. Unlike the first one which was sent to “Dear Student” this one was sent to me by name. I wish that I were a better writer. I had my dear

I covet

I don’t normally covet things that other people have. I generally have no need or desire to "keep up with the Jones’." I almost always will choose function over form. But today I covet. I covet deeply. I want. Brad

Values, Purpose, Vision part 2

I’ve written before about a Visionary Leadership class I’m taking where I need to create a 5 year career plan starting by defining my values, purpose and vision. I previously made some draft attempts on values and purpose. I have

Fun online test

I found this test on Mel’s blog. This one appeals to the geek in me in a major way as it’s called my personal DNA. You can view My Personal DNA Report here. The output is similar to MBTI but

Thirty Eight

Most birthdays do not bother me. This one, I feel old. I suspect it is because I have too many metaphorical balls in the air. The next few weeks are very busy. The class I’m teaching is finishing up next