Month: October 2006

October Slips By

This month slipped by. Trick-or-Treaters are ringing my doorbell. I have a plastic pumpkin full of candy. It’s interesting. Some of the children are so polite and grateful that I let them pick their own candy. They carefully select a

Gambling and Grant Reviews

It has been a very long week. My husband and I spent Tuesday to Friday morning in New Orleans. My PhD thesis advisor is currently the president of the American Society for Human Genetics. I had not seen him in

In search of joy

Last week I designed a new training plan to lose the extra 6 or 7 pounds of fat I am carrying. I tend to do better with a schedule, so I made a spreadsheet and posted it on my wall

Day 4 Quasi Paleo Diet

My run this morning was a bit weak. I started craving brown rice today.  Where oh where did the glycogen go?  In theory, I am eating plenty of carbohydrates (apple, carrots, mango, berries, loads of leafy greens)  plus a 1/2

Pondering Paleo

Julie Berg had great success using a largely Paleo Diet to lean out while training for ultra-marathons. Based on her recommendations I recently ordered The Paleo Diet and The Paleo Diet for Athletes. Given how many problems I have been