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Courage, Risk-taking, Resilience, and Managing Ambiguity

How do you rate on these traits? A recent Harvard Business Review Article (We Interviewed 57 Female CEOs to Find Out How More Women Can Get to the Top) investigated the behavioral traits and career paths of Fortune 1000 and

Go Code Colorado Needs Your Help

One of the most fun things that I do for my job is serve on the Advisory Council for the Colorado Business Intelligence Center (pdf) that among other things runs the annual Go Code Colorado challenge which awards cash prizes to

A Review of 2016

I started my annual holiday card with “2016 was much like 2015 – same job, same man, same house. Dare I say stable?” And while I like being on a schedule, this sounded boring even to me. So I dug

Checking in

The Venture Deals Class ended. Certificate Earned. I am meeting an online teammate in person later this week, as she’ll be in Denver pitching her company. The virtual made real. I love this. They extended some deadlines at the end,

In the home stretch – Kauffman Venture Deals Course

I’m hooked on life long learning. These days just keeping my Salesforce Administration Certification and my PMP seem to take most of my time. Nonetheless, back in April I started an online-course based on the book – Venture Deals: Be

Amazon & the State of Colorado have come to a truce

Once upon a time, I was a very happy Amazon Associate and Reseller. And then Colorado changed its tax laws and Colorado residents were banned from participation. I saw a headline recently where Amazon would soon collect Sales Tax for Colorado. Today

Looking in the mirror

I have been reading Penelope Trunk (not her real name) for at least a decade. Sometimes she has (stupendous if hard to hear/read) career advice; sometimes she’s inflammatory; sometimes she shares too much information (sex assault, miscarriage, domestic violence, etc.);

The Pie is not Bigger

One of the major themes when I was in business school was to “grow the pie” and while I wrote it down and used the concept to pass exams and such, I never could embrace the concept. To me, it

Be Unexpected

I started reading Chris Guillebeau back in 2008 when I stumbled upon his manifesto entitled “a brief guide to world domination*: How to Live a Remarkable Life in a Conventional World *and other important goals.” direct PDF link. It’s still worth a


I spent most of the last year BETWEEN. I knew that the job that I had was neither what I was supposed to be doing nor where I was supposed to be doing it. So, I made some hard choices,