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Thanksgiving | Gratitude

I don’t often celebrate holidays. Instead, I use them to travel, as I am now. But, I still find myself pondering gratitude on Thanksgiving. This year I am especially grateful for the opportunities that I have had, my health, the

Mortgage Insurance Vultures

I refinanced my 30 year mortgage into a 15 year mortgage earlier this month. This week I received 7 offers for a “Revolutionary New Mortgage Protection Plan.” All of them used similar urgent language warning me of my potential death,

Is the thank you note dead?

We’ve been interviewing candidates for an open position in our office. Some of the applicants have been terrific, most have been qualified, which in a market with just 2.4% unemployment is a relief. What’s shocking to me is how few follow-up

Invisalign – Early Halloween Costume?

My dentist has been talking to me about Invisalign since 2012. I used to think I had good teeth. My childhood dentist never wanted me to get braces or a retainer. People have told me that my smile is one


A friend recently reminded me of my post from 2013 – Caught between Pandering and Bridge Burning – and it made me wish that I wrote more, even if I could not remember the specific memory that triggered it. It was

You can’t go home again

At least that’s what the story says. I spent the weekend in NJ for a second memorial service for my uncle, and to reconnect with friends and family. My friend Cheryl drove me by the two homes I grew up in (Thank

Merry Christmas 2013

Or should I say Happy Holidays? I was walking by a City and County of Denver building recently – Santa was on the roof; elves were in a display case (left); as was the traditional baby Jesus in a manger

Altruism or Impact

I almost always think in “ands”, but with altruism and impact a choice (almost always) must be made. I am not sure I have ever shared how much I love or was influenced in my values (for better and worse)

The failure of good intentions

A search for “Obamacare failure” leads to 69 million results, as of today. In large part this is not an issue for me. When I moved back to Colorado from Florida in 2012 and set up my business it was

Trust & Control

Or should I say Trust vs. Control. I always find it interesting/challenging/character building to have to put my trust in (unknown) others. I’m one of those people where if it were actually feasible I would pretty much do everything myself.