Month: July 2008

Career Mapping

These days, I frequently meet people with very interesting job titles, most recently a “Chief People Connector” for an executive recruiting firm. I think she may also have been the founder and CEO but she did not use those titles.

Just what I needed

I’ve been reading Steve Pavlina for several years now. While he sometimes traipses down paths that are not of interest to me, e.g. polyphasic sleep or raw vegan diet experiments, every once in a while I find EXACTLY what I

Managing by Strengths

Last week I was invited to learn more about Managing by Strengths. With a short series (truly short – less than 10 minutes) of questions, it creates a profile that is similar to both the Insights discovery profile (I’m a “reforming observer”) and

Welcome to my mid-life crisis, part 2

Some of you asked me in person whether there was a part 2 to this post. Um, yes. Forms notarized this weekend. Filing jointly tomorrow.   In case you were curious, in Colorado it takes more paperwork to buy a home

Be Extraordinary

I love my job. Tomorrow I get to meet Gregg Vanourek, one of the authors of Life Entrepreneurs: Ordinary People Creating Extraordinary Lives. I’m hoping that Gregg will be able to inspire our students in the Fall. What is Life

Welcome to my mid-life crisis, part 1

I’ve been wanting a new car for the last year or so. Whenever I would sit in traffic, I would promise myself that my next car would be an automatic. I have only ever had cars with standard transmission. I