Month: April 2006

My body is a Honda Civic

I’ve never owned a Honda but I hear that they are very reliable cars. My body is generally similar. It might not be the fastest, strongest or sleekest but it is generally very reliable. For the most part, all of

Week 2 marathon plan

I completed the Thursday to Saturday workouts for week 1 of the marathon plan. Whew. Tired and sore. Here’s what’s on the plan for the coming week: Monday – Off Tuesday – Foundation Run 40 minutes + 6 x 30

Updated Fitness Plan

Back on April 1, I started a new 12 week Body for Life Challenge to help me recommit to fitness. I’ve been plodding along at it for 2 weeks now. I’m down about 1.5 pounds which is good, but overall

Thinking not writing

I’ve been pondering many things lately but haven’t yet found any answers. Miscellaneous things I have been pondering: What is the ROI on scientific research? I was asked this by an executive director of a foundation we solicited for money

New BFL Challenge Starting Today

I’ve spent the past 6 months spending too much time in front of my desk and not enough time in my home gym. I’ve officially registered to do another Body-For-Life Challenge starting today. I have my competitor application just waiting