Month: March 2005

The Art of Negotiation

One of the classes I am taking this semester is called Real Estate for the Entrepreneur. So far it has been pretty interesting, with the major emphasis being on how to find and compare appropriate site(s) for your business or

Random Thoughts

Kyra posted a fun quiz today. You Are 50% Normal (Somewhat Normal) While some of your behavior is quite normal…Other things you do are downright strange You’ve got a little of your freak going on But you mostly keep your

Challenge 3 Week 6

Not much to report this week. I cannot believe this 12 week cycle is already half over. My running goals were almost entirely met: 8 mile long run; 19.75 miles total (0.25 miles short of goal for the week). IT

How long does it take?

As you can probably tell, I enjoy reading the blogs of other people who are focused on their fitness goals. Typically I have found these blogs on Body for Life related websites. I stumbled across Tai-Kee’s (Aileen’s) Blog today. She

Running Article

I found a great running article on MSN of all places. The author lists seven distinct training programs for improving speed and endurance. Some are a bit contradictory but then again, we are all different. I will briefly summarize the

C3 Week 5

This was a week of eating and running. My running goals were entirely met: 8 mile long run; 20.6 miles total. I also pushed my speeds up on both of my HIIT runs. IT band started to feel great as

Bridges to the Future

I wrote in January about a Bridges to the Future event hosted by the University of Denver called the Three Mayors. Last night, Robert B. Reich (the Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton) and Alan K. Simpson (a former Senator

Silly Stuff

Kyra had a link to a quiz to determine What Gender your Brain is. She’s virtually all girl. I swear I’m in the correct body, but my results did not come as much surprise. Your Brain is 46.67% Female, 53.33%

Perserving Life & Limb

A friend of mine is the executive director of the Limb Preservation Foundation. Until she took the job, I had never heard of this local non-profit organization whose goal is literally to save lives & limbs. This organization, and a

Updated Reading List

I’ve been on a book shopping spree to find books to help with the revision of the Biotech Business Plan for the business plan competition. I will probably start with the shortest of the new books: “Startup to IPO: How