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A Review of 2016

I started my annual holiday card with “2016 was much like 2015 – same job, same man, same house. Dare I say stable?” And while I like being on a schedule, this sounded boring even to me. So I dug

Thinking of Martha

I miss Martha. I have written about the magnificent Martha several times before. Most recently here. She recently took a job in Pueblo. And for the first time since I’ve met her, she is no longer raising money for incurable/hard

Altruism or Impact

I almost always think in “ands”, but with altruism and impact a choice (almost always) must be made. I am not sure I have ever shared how much I love or was influenced in my values (for better and worse)


A few weeks ago a friend of mine, Andrew Hartman, was among the final three candidates nominated to be appointed as a district judge here in Colorado. The final decision among the three candidates was to be made by Colorado

Unity for People

I have officially seen the future. UP, Unity for People, held its launch event at the Boulder City Club this evening. From their website: The Mission of UP is to build a family where a culture of collaboration exists between

House of Genius

I reconnected with serial entrepreneur Toma Bedolla after I moved back to Colorado this fall. Among his many endeavors, he co-founded House of Genius in the November 2010 in Boulder, CO.  While there are almost countless meetups and networking groups that serve entrepreneurs in

Support Martha

I know that I have written about my friend the magnificent Martha Simmons before, most recently here. Martha is always running or working with some health related non-profit – March of Dimes, ALS Association (where I met her in 1999

the 2012 project

I attended a briefing on the 2012 project tonight at the Chambers Center for the Advancement of Women at the University of Denver. The primary speaker was Mary Hughes who charismatically explained why the US needs more elected officials who are

Short Takes

I think twitter and text messaging are training me to think and communicate in short bursts of thought. I recently heard a DC journalist say that if you couldn’t capture the audience with your story or message in 25 words they

10+ years of ALS research

I am looking backwards today. I moved to Colorado with my first husband in 1995. I’ve been thinking of him recently. It was his birthday on Saturday (Happy Birthday rb).  A friend of mine is making a video for his son’s