Month: November 2005


My academic research laboratory runs exclusively on Federal research grants to cover all operating costs. Today I got this email from the director of the Office of Sponsored Programs at my University. The federal FY07 appropriations have not been finalized


I cannot express how grateful I am for this four day weekend. My new position at work has been an incredible time eater. In theory it is budgeted for 20% of my time and effort. At this point however I

Right or Left

I found this test on Mel’s newest blog experiment. I feel happily balanced having seen the results. Like her, I’m an INTJ. You need your MBTI to do the test. Brain Lateralization Test Results Right Brain (46%) The right hemisphere

In Memory

The founder of my research institution, Theodore Puck, died on Sunday. He was 89. He was getting quite frail but had remained passionate about his research until the end. As recently as two weeks ago he was  planning new experiments.

Weeks 62 & 63

Well the month long Lean, Mean, Halloween Challenge hosted by Pink Dumbbells has ended. On the plus side, I was able to drop my calories down to range that is a slight deficit (~1850 per day) given my reduced activity