Month: April 2008

Do you ever have these days?

There are days I wish I had my katana at the office rather than decorating my wall at home. Yes, I know how to use it. (Thank you Greg & Iwakabe Sensei.) On days like today, I wish I were

Starting at the Beginning

Last January I made a failed attempt to leap back into fitness with the Turbulence Training plan leading up to the Turbulence Training 500 workout. I did make it through some of the workouts but often found, like my recent

7th Annual Business Plan Competition

Three years ago, I was a competitor in the Bard Center Business Plan Competition. The first place winner for my year now teaches two courses in Social Entrepreneurship at the Bard Center. I am now the host of this amazing

Accountability, Mentors, Productivity

I find myself thinking often about the relationships between accountability, mentors, coaches and productivity. My thoughts are half-formed, still percolating. I am hoping that writing them down will give them some structure. I have frequently admitted my admiration for Ben

No longer a cyber stalker

Blogs are an odd thing. They allow one a glimpse of people that you often would never have the opportunity to meet. If you subscribe to their blogs or become a regular reader, you may begin to feel like you

Evil Jen

I joined a gym about a block from my work about 6 weeks ago. One thing they do for all new members is assign you to have two personal training sessions. The fist session is a fitness assessment – you

Choose Research

A former lab technician of mine who is now a graduate student in a Department of Biological Sciences sent this to me today.  It may not be meaningful to anyone who has not spent time as an academic scientist but

Do It Tomorrow

I should confess. I am pressure prompted. Give me a tight deadline I’m your gal. Otherwise, I am prone to procrastination. Somewhere in the many blogs I read I came across Do it Tomorrow and Other Secrets of Time Management