Month: February 2008

Minds Matter

I met today with one of my Advisory Council members, Jamie Pruett. I learned that he was also serving as the President of Minds Matter. What a wonderful organization. From their website: Founded in 2004, Minds Matter of Denver connects

Pondering Mentorship

Today is day 50 on the the dream job. Purse snatching notwithstanding, I love this job. This morning I held my first official advisory council meeting. I was feeling a bit nervous about this as I hope to change how


The events of last Monday significantly disrupted my life. Today my new CO driver’s license came in the mail. I feel like a person again. There were several items that I could not replace without photo ID. My bank card


This evening I came back to my office from brushing my teeth and I reached into my briefcase to find my lipstick. Alas, there was no lipstick and more importantly, no purse inside of my briefcase where the lipstick is