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Singapore – Days 3 to 5

Christmas is apparently a big deal in Singapore. The decorations go on for miles. On Day 3, the person I was travelling with changed flights and flew home early. Definitely a life experience that I’d prefer not to repeat. I

Courage, Risk-taking, Resilience, and Managing Ambiguity

How do you rate on these traits? A recent Harvard Business Review Article (We Interviewed 57 Female CEOs to Find Out How More Women Can Get to the Top) investigated the behavioral traits and career paths of Fortune 1000 and

Checking in

The Venture Deals Class ended. Certificate Earned. I am meeting an online teammate in person later this week, as she’ll be in Denver pitching her company. The virtual made real. I love this. They extended some deadlines at the end,

How did I miss this?

So I’ve been an Amazon Prime member for years (free shipping! hooray; also Prime movies and TV – because BOSCH!). But, my first love is books. Apparently as an Amazon Prime member I get access to one free Kindle book per

Book Trust

This week I went to an event hosted by Book Trust Vino & Libri (seriously wine & books – two of my favorite things) – they make sure grade school kids who don’t have the money to buy books are able to

Amazon & the State of Colorado have come to a truce

Once upon a time, I was a very happy Amazon Associate and Reseller. And then Colorado changed its tax laws and Colorado residents were banned from participation. I saw a headline recently where Amazon would soon collect Sales Tax for Colorado. Today

Be Unexpected

I started reading Chris Guillebeau back in 2008 when I stumbled upon his manifesto entitled “a brief guide to world domination*: How to Live a Remarkable Life in a Conventional World *and other important goals.” direct PDF link. It’s still worth a


The last two weeks have been all about commitment, saying yes, and choosing between divergent paths. Because my friends decided to sell the condo I’ve been renting (10 showings Saturday alone), I briefly explored rental options in Denver (not optimal),

Change is coming

All that you touch You Change. All that you change Changes you. The only lasting truth Is Change. God Is Change. This is how Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler begins (copyright 1993). I have been pondering and trying


I spent most of the last year BETWEEN. I knew that the job that I had was neither what I was supposed to be doing nor where I was supposed to be doing it. So, I made some hard choices,