Month: July 2006

Marathon Plan Week 17 of 24

I love recovery weeks. Moving into new territory this coming week. As of this post the marathon is 55 days away. I am starting to get scared. I’m running a 15 mile race Sunday for my long run. I think

Institute for OneWorld Health

I first discovered the Institute for OneWorld Health, established as a 501(c)3 entity in 2001 by Dr. Victoria Hale, when I was in business school. I was taking a class called Designing and Leading Entrepreneurial Organizations. Each week we would

The Power of Fiction

I love fiction. It used to concern me that I would much rather curl up with a grand glorious epic novel than read something weighty (non-fiction) until I read this commentary by Orson Scott Card in his book Maps in

Marathon Plan Week 15 of 24

First let me start with an ode to my treadmill. I almost never run outside. It’s usually just me, a movie and the grinding sound of my treadmill. Today, I ran a 10 mile “race” as a training run to

On my mind

It’s been all over the news how Warren Buffet is giving a vast portion of his fortune to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. There are so many unique things about this gift: the stipulation that they money must be

Deal Breakers

Ben, who is wise far beyond his years, has a great post up about "deal breakers." Those things that simply cannot be tolerated by you for people to be in your life. Through the years, in my personal relationships I