Month: December 2007

Serenity Quiz

A friend of my turned me onto Firefly, long after the show had ended. I now own the box set of TV episodes as well as the movie Serenity. These were simply outstanding with  great acting and strong plot-lines. Today

A day in the life of an INTJ

Every time I take the Myers-Briggs type indicator, I score as an INTJ. I don’t think about it very often. To me, it’s like having brown eyes. It’s just the way I am. It is only when I don’t react

Bathroom Complete

My husband and I embarked on a home improvement project several weeks ago. We thought it would be easy. Change out the vanity, mirror, lighting and flooring. It was supposed to only take the 4 day Thanksgiving weekend. That of

Funniest thing I’ve seen in days

I found this image on Ben’s Blog today. It is truly the funniest (albeit saddest) thing I’ve seen in days. I largely grew up with this view of the world. Like the missing continent? I am somewhat ashamed to confess

Lost and Found

Something that I thought was lost has now been found. I can finally write about it as it is now official. On January 1, I begin a new professional journey. My escape the rut post was entirely  auto-biographical. Those were

Litemind List Contest: My top four

There were 67 entries to the Litemind Group List Project, including mine. We’ve each been asked to vote for our favorites. Some people submitted just lists. Some people, like me, add lots of narrative to their lists. I’m biased toward

Pondering the Journey

I like goals, destinations. It is so easy to forget to smell the metaphorical roses along the way. I came across three reminders this week to remember the journey, the path you choose matters. Laurell K Hamilton, one of my