Month: March 2010

In Search of Colorado Entrepreneurs

I am the Executive Director of the Bard Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado Denver. Each year we host an annual business plan competition that is open to all early stage Colorado companies. Over the years, the Business Plan

the 2012 project

I attended a briefing on the 2012 project tonight at the Chambers Center for the Advancement of Women at the University of Denver. The primary speaker was Mary Hughes who charismatically explained why the US needs more elected officials who are

My First 10K

I turned 42 on Monday. I thought about getting a massage, but instead I signed up for the Boulder Spring Half as a birthday present to myself.  While I've done a 5K, a marathon and a half-marathon in the past, I'd

No more Amazon Associates in Colorado

I set up an Amazon Associates account ages ago so that if someone bought a book I’ve reviewed or read perhaps a few pennies would come my way. I am guessing that less than $100 has come my way over