Month: August 2007

HERS Summer Institute, Week 1 Curriculum

The overall HERS Summer Institute Curriculum was just about evenly split between personal development initiatives and education on trends in Higher Education that we should be watching. I have largely covered the personal development topics in prior posts. What trends

Pondering Probiotics

Last year I became intolerant to both wheat and dairy. These were foods that I ate on a daily basis that suddenly caused me acute abdominal pain and nausea with a skin rash developing within 24 to 48 hours, generally

HERS Summer Institute, the presidents

One of the best things about the first week of the HERS Summer Institute was the opportunity to meet a variety of women who have become Presidents or Chancellors of their Colleges or Universities. I have been amazed at how

CPR Saves Lives

A story in my local paper caught my eye today. A two year old boy was hit by a truck. A neighbor, Jennifer Elder, heard the thud and ran to the scene. She came across a man holding his lifeless

HERS Summer Institute, Day 3

Wow. I will write more comprehensively about this experience in the coming days but so far this HERS Denver Summer Institute is simply outstanding. My fears about potential competition between the participants was completely unfounded. I am surrounded by smart,