Month: November 2007

Way beyond the mood ring

Mood rings were popular when I was a child. The gem stone changes color in response to "mood" which is reflected by body temperature. I heard a story on the radio (11.29.07 entry) this morning that talked about arousal responsive

Escape the Rut

This post is in response to the Litemind contest to create a list post. Thank you Luciano for hosting it. — In the early 1990’s, there was a commercial for the Isuzu Rodeo which played often. A classroom full of

Pondering Oprah

I’ve been thinking a lot about Oprah Winfrey over the last few weeks. I’ve never seen her TV show but know that it is popular. She  routinely makes the top 50 lists of the most powerful women in the world

Pondering Memory

I sometimes feel like Judith in Clive Barker’s Imajica. If you have not read this stunning masterpiece, this reference will be meaningless to you. Judith, at least the first Judith you meet, is a replica, her memories of things beyond

Colin Farrell

It's easy to find news of celebrities taking a moment at the holidays to work at a soup kitchen or helping the homeless. I'm not discounting those deeds as any service is  worthy. But there are certain celebrities who seem

Home Improvement

My husband and I decided to embark on a do-it-yourself (well do-it-ourselves) project this holiday weekend. Our house, also known as a starter home, has some of the ugliest bathrooms ever. We decided to replace our nasty vinyl, lighting &

The Illusion of Privacy

I grew up reading Robert Heinlein and was shaped by his fierce belief that people are safer when their governments are not watching over them individually. I know this is his belief and not mine but every time I see


I like to start my day reading Clayton Lowe’s blog. I don’t always understand his poems but often his words and images make me feel deeply. He’s started keeping a microblog on Twitter. Sometime in the last 6 hours he


I saw a headline today "Diabulimics shun insulin to get thin." I am horrified. Unregulated diabetes (chronically high blood sugar) will cause blindness, kidney failure, heart disease and nerve damage. It is the major cause of limb amputations. Untreated diabetes

Wonderful Opportunity

I got an email this morning from Luciano who maintains the personal development website (Exploring Ways to Use our Minds Efficiently). I had not come across his relatively new blog before, but he has some excellent articles on memory