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Unemployment, Education, and Wealth Generation

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I fell down the financial independence retire early (FIRE) rabbit hole. One writer who I failed to mention is Financial Samurai. He recently wrote Your Chances Of Becoming A Millionaire By Race, Age,

Level Up

In June, shared my love of Precision Nutrition’s coaching program, and its impact on my fitness, after finishing up a year of receiving coaching. I redid my PN Level 1 certification, required every 2 years, in July. Essentially the Level 1

Continuing Education

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had a variation of this nightmare. Despite my random exam dreams, it really shouldn’t surprise anyone that I was, and remain, that person, who simply loved school, and learning new things.

A Review of 2016

I started my annual holiday card with “2016 was much like 2015 – same job, same man, same house. Dare I say stable?” And while I like being on a schedule, this sounded boring even to me. So I dug

In the home stretch – Kauffman Venture Deals Course

I’m hooked on life long learning. These days just keeping my Salesforce Administration Certification and my PMP seem to take most of my time. Nonetheless, back in April I started an online-course based on the book – Venture Deals: Be


This may come as a surprise to some of you who know I collect (academic) credentials (PhD, MBA, PMP, Salesforce Admin, blah, blah, blah) the way other people collect art or beanie babies or stamps or something. But, once upon a

The Pie is not Bigger

One of the major themes when I was in business school was to “grow the pie” and while I wrote it down and used the concept to pass exams and such, I never could embrace the concept. To me, it

Analytics and the Internet of Things

I fell down the rabbit hole. I found a draft with this title from more than a month ago, but it’s been percolating in the background for most of the last year. In my current job, we use and/or are


The last two weeks have been all about commitment, saying yes, and choosing between divergent paths. Because my friends decided to sell the condo I’ve been renting (10 showings Saturday alone), I briefly explored rental options in Denver (not optimal),

Precision Nutrition Certification

About twice a year, Dr. John Berardi, opens up the online certification course for Precision Nutrition. I signed up last fall. Enrollment is limited and often sells out within the first 24 hours. Registration for the upcoming class starts tomorrow.