Month: September 2006

Why Blog?

Kyra has an interesting post today about blog backlash. Now that her kids are both in school, she is back in college finishing up her degree. Apparently signs abound on her campus warning the students about the perils of blogging.

First Marathon

Today I ran the Boulder Backroads Marathon. It started off very chilly (about 35 degrees) and warmed up to the mid 60’s.  It was sunny and cloudless. Simply beautiful. Compared to the few other races I have run, the support

Today was better

Given how fabulously (sarcasm) my week had gone up until today, I went into work with quite a bit of trepidation today. Today, however, went surprisingly well. I had sent an apology yesterday to the woman I may have insulted.

Rough Week

I have been the interim director of my research institute for the last year. All in all it has been a tremendous learning opportunity: about myself,  my organization, and my colleagues. I am gaining valuable skills and experiences. I remind

Team in Training for Ironman

My ex is doing Ironman Hawaii (2.4 mi. swim, 112 mi. bike, 26.2 mi. run) again in October. He is doing this race as part of Team in Training for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. In his words: I am

Marathon Plan Week 23 of 24

There are just 14 days until the big day. I planned to run 20 miles today. That did not happen. I did get 18 done and can only hope that it is enough. Honestly, at this point, I’m in great

Going to Abilene

Back in 1974, Jerry Harvey wrote an article, the Abilene Paradox: The Management of Agreement, to demonstrate the peril of agreement. Eventually he wrote a book on the same concept. I was exposed to the Abilene Paradox in several of

Biomedical Research Funding

It is a difficult time to be a scientist at an academic institution. For someone like me, without tenure, it’s also a frightening time. Two colleagues sent me depressing articles this week on the state of research in America. The

Marathon Plan Week 22 of 24

I’m in the home stretch of this marathon plan. This week is the most challenging to date. But after this is two weeks of taper before the marathon on September 24. Week 22 plan: Monday: off Tuesday: Tempo Run, 60

Bionic Eyes

One of my biggest fears about aging is loss of vision. This research headline fills me with hope. Australian scientists begin human tests on 'bionic eye' There are some forms of blindness where the optic nerve that carries the visual