Month: February 2005

Life is choice

Kyra has a post today that I could have written. She’s writing about food & exercise choices, but really, I think there is choice in how you act or react in just about any situation. Do you seize life or

Business Plan Planning

The owners of one of the biotech companies that leases space in my research building have been allowing me to use their company as a focus of several of my MBA class projects. Over the summer, I wrote a Business

What should colleges do?

Ben, a young entrepreneur who is pondering college, has an interesting post on the role of Colleges & Universities. Here’s a bit of his post: This troubles me and I think there are a number of consequences. First and foremost

Why Business School?

I get asked from time to time, why, when I already have a PhD, would I go back to school at night to get an MBA? There are many answers to this question, depending upon the day and my mood

Blogs I read

Until the Summer of 2004, I had never heard of or read a Blog. This all changed when an incredibly candid and humorous local venture capitalist, Brad Feld, spoke at one of my Entrepreneurship classes. He discussed how he started

Four Days of Exams

Between the classes I’m taking and the class I’m teaching, today makes 4 days of exams in the last 5 days. Due to their over ambitious schedules, my students took their regularly schedule exam on three different days. At least

Wine is Bad

Last night hubby and I went out for our Valentine’s Day Dinner at O’s Steak and Seafood. Even though Friday was my real "free day", since I ran 6 miles on Saturday (right leg & foot feeling good) I decided

Chemo Brain

I learned a new term today: chemo brain. While doing my PhD at Emory University, I took just about every class at the Medical School that didn’t involve  touching people but I never heard this term before today. A colleague

Thoughts from the Ivory Tower

Strange things happening at my work and an experience in the classroom that I had today have me thinking about an article I read in my first semester of business school entitled On the folly of rewarding A, while hoping

24 weeks of Body For Life

Today is my last day of my second 12 week Body for Life (BFL) challenge. I completed my first one in November and immediately started a second 12 week cycle. Overall, in 24 weeks, I am down about 20 lbs