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Singapore – Days 3 to 5

Christmas is apparently a big deal in Singapore. The decorations go on for miles. On Day 3, the person I was travelling with changed flights and flew home early. Definitely a life experience that I’d prefer not to repeat. I

Singapore – Day 1 and 2

Singapore has been on my wish list of places to visit for years. Scheduling my trip during the rainy season was perhaps not my best decision. They say you can be paralyzed by choice. In the case of Singapore the

Fall Road Trip – Denver to Los Angeles

Saturday morning, after a quick run on the treadmill to get the blood moving, we left on what was supposed to be a leisurely two-day drive from Denver to Los Angeles to move a vehicle out to California. We’d planned

A Review of 2016

I started my annual holiday card with “2016 was much like 2015 – same job, same man, same house. Dare I say stable?” And while I like being on a schedule, this sounded boring even to me. So I dug

New Zealand – Days 8 to 14

South Island – Days 8 to 14, Queenstown, Arrowtown, Te Anua Travel: Flew New Zealand Airlines from Wellington to Queenstown Initially my South Island tour was to include a few nights in Marlborough, and stops in Christchurch & Dunedin before

New Zealand – Days 5 to 7

North Island Days 5 – 7, Hawkes Bay & Wellington Travel: Drive 2 hours – Huka Falls to Napier (Hawkes Bay) More rain, cows, sheep, goats, rolling hills, roundabouts, & lush green pastures. Lodging: Pebble Beach Motor Inn. Good location,

New Zealand – Days 3 & 4

North Island – Days 3 & 4 Travel: Drive 4 hours – Auckland to Lake Taupo, Huka Falls area New Zealand is filled with cows, sheep, goats, rolling hills, lush green pastures, lakes and streams. The highways twist and turn. There

New Zealand – Days 1 & 2

North Island – Days 1 & 2 Travel: Denver to San Francisco; San Francisco to Auckland; uneventful flights, early arrival. United wanted to move me to a less desirable seat to accommodate a couple who wanted to sit together. I

Christmas in Sedona

I am behind on a few travel reports. 2015 had some hard parts. My uncle finally died from complications of diabetes and end stage renal failure. My mom fell, broke her ankle and went from living independently in her own

A quick trip to Guam or Balutan: Did you get enough?

I recently took a quick trip to Guam (photo from Cetti Bay). Wiki for history. Let’s start with the serious: There are many memorials around the island that date to the Japanese occupation during World War II. The US finally