Month: May 2005

Marathon Training Plan

I’ve had some people ask me what my specific Marathon Training plan is. I modified a 16 week beginner plan that I found on Runner’s World to fit into my basic Body For Life training schedule as well as my

Red Bikini Society

It looks like Michelle Lee, one of the 2004 Body for Life Champions, has a new endeavor: The Red Bikini Society. Red is not my color and I am certainly not ready for a bikini (aside from update photos) but

This had me laughing hard

While I use this blog to write almost exclusively about fitness and my new found interest in running,  my real life is a bit more diverse. I have been helping a friend refine a business plan for his company (in

Week 37

It’s been 37 weeks since I adopted a new healthy lifestyle. Since I’m not actually doing any sort of challenge at this point (and it’s unlikely that I will officially enter any more BFL challenges), I’m just going to make

Make A Wish

I think they make you pay to run in races so that you actually show up. Today I woke up with a sore throat and a headache. I would have liked nothing better but to crawl back in bed. Instead