Month: August 2005

Are we there yet?

Mel’s post resonated with an article I read last week.  While Mel’s focus was generalized to women in business, the article I read was specific to women, like myself, in the life sciences. Here’s a rather disturbing excerpt: “Here’s the

A year in review

A year has passed since I literally changed my life. On August 19, 2004 I decided to give Body for Life a try. At that time EAS had a 4 week kick-start challenge that was integrated into their normal 12

Safety Reminder

One of my running inspirations, Julie B, had a very scary running experience recently complete with a disrobing stalker. Luckily nothing bad happened as she was extremely aware of her surroundings (iPOD users beware), acted very intelligently, and generally got

Play Time is Over

I have written previously about the disparate reasons that I began an evening MBA program back in January of 2004. While I often imagined the various ways that this type of training could be useful professionally, in general those thoughts