Month: January 2005

Keeping Promises to Yourself

Maggie has a great post today about achieving success on the Body For Life (BFL) plan.  Maggie is an un-ashamed perfectionist who has utterly transformed her body on the BFL plan. When I started BFL in August 2004, I began

Go Condi!

Condoleezza Rice was just confirmed as our newest Secretary of State. While I don’t agree with her politics, I love her achievement. Here’s a non-white woman who was (1) born in the segregated south, (2) speaks a half dozen foreign

Teaching is hard!

I am teaching a class on human genetics for non-science major undergraduate students. It’s part of a three quarter long series covering “the past”, “the present” and “the future”. I teach “the present”. This is the second year that I

Running Outside

Although the East Coast is getting slammed by snow, here in Colorado the weather today was cloudless blue skies and a warm 65 degrees. Since today was a running day, I decided to try my running outside. Since I began

Where to draw the line

There is a fine line between honesty and compassion. I have a very difficult time finding balance between these values. I tend to personally value honesty a bit more and thus tend to draw the line closer to pure unadulterated

Three Mayors

The University of Denver, through their "Bridges to the Future" program, recently hosted Denver’s Three Mayors. Our current mayor, John Hickenlooper, was joined by two past Denver mayors, Wellington Webb and Federico Pena, to talk about economic development in the

Goal Setting

I have been thinking a lot lately about goal setting. This is not because I have been planning to make any New Year’s resolutions, but because I think that setting specific goals is critical to success. I started my “body