Month: May 2006

Wheat Allergy?

I’ve written about the food issues I’ve been having over the last few months. I met today with a GI doctor to essentially get the rest of my questions answered. I had scheduled this appointment about 5 weeks ago when

Pomp & Circumstance

My last few weeks have been filled with Ceremony. The University of Denver recently installed our 17th Chancellor, Dr. Robert Coombe. This was the first inauguration of a Chancellor that I have attended. I was incredibly impressed. The Governor of


I have been pondering this question “How have things changed for you overall in the past 2.5 years?” posed by Kyra a few days ago. Perhaps this is because she is considering going back to school herself and I am

Ride for ALS

I don’t normally write directly about my work but today will be an exception. As one of the many professional hats I wear, I run a basic biomedical research laboratory that investigates ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; Lou Gehrig’s Disease). This

Marathon Plan Week 4 of 24

Thankfully the plan this week is a "recovery week". Last week was HARD. One hour and ten minutes was a very long run for me yesterday. Still not 100% on workouts. Skipped the alternative 30 minutes of cardio and one