Month: September 2005

Excellence in American Entrepreneurship

A few weeks ago, the CEO of the biotech I’m involved with and I were filmed for a clip in a video promoting the Bard Center for Entrepreneurship due to my status as a Bard Center student and our success 

Week 56

This was the week where I realized that longer distance running is not compatible with my new job responsibilities. I have just about doubled the amount of time I spend at my main job due to my added administrative responsibilities

A mile in his shoes

I have been pondering an old idiom about not criticizing someone before having walked a mile in his shoes. I developed a new appreciation for all of my teachers, both good and bad, after I created and taught an undergraduate

Just do the right thing

When I started an evening MBA program back in January of 2004, I envisioned that the degree would potentially create a number of opportunities for me once the degree was completed. Although my degree is not yet complete (I should