Checking in

The Venture Deals Class ended. Certificate Earned. I am meeting an online teammate in person later this week, as she’ll be in Denver pitching her company. The virtual made real. I love this.

Kauffman Venture Deals Certification

They extended some deadlines at the end, and lowered some performance thresholds, but overall a great experience. There is an updated version of the book (Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist) coming out December 2016.

Earlier this year, I earned my Precision Nutrition Certification. This week, I  started a year of Precision Nutrition Coaching. Yes, it sold out. And partly it’s ridiculous, can’t I coach myself? But there seems to be a disconnect between my knowledge and action. I am hoping that my “coach” will kick my ass when I make excuses. Mostly I’m hooked on Precision Nutrition Infographics – e.g. the Cost of Getting Lean. I’ve been holding 22-24% body fat for the last few years. I’d like to get to  that 16-19% section on the chart.

Cost of Getting Lean

Cost of Getting Lean – from Precision Nutrition

Hard. Or at least hard, solo, for me. I’ll check back in about this at 3, 6, 9 or 12 months to share how it’s going. Apparently we take “before” photo’s this weekend. While I shared these in 2004, unless I’m up for an award next year, you won’t be seeing them. I met some amazing people in person who were online then (and now) – @IreneRuns, Kyra, @CausticMuse, @SoulCruzer– these days are different now.

I am celebrating my 3 year anniversary at Colorado’s Statewide Internet Portal Authority. It was and remains my almost dream job.

I cried my eyes out last night. One of my guilty pleasures is dance movies (I blame Flashdance & Dirty Dancing & Simply Ballroom, etc.) – but I love them all – Step Up (all of them, bad acting whatever….), Dance Academy (Australian High School Dance TV show) – but for the last few months, Amazon was pitching me Mao’s Last Dancer:  Autobiographical, historically accurate, heavy, internationally acclaimed. And I kept ignoring it. I generally choose dance fluff – Pretty. Shiny, like the sequins on the costumes. Mao’s Last Dancer was amazing, heart breaking, inspirational. Also pretty. But true story, poignant,  real, hard to watch at times. Amazingly it had almost a Sound of Music ending to it. Awesome. Currently available free if you’re an Amazon Prime member.