Just what I needed

I’ve been reading Steve Pavlina for several years now. While he sometimes traipses down paths that are not of interest to me, e.g. polyphasic sleep or raw vegan diet experiments, every once in a while I find EXACTLY what I need EXACTLY when I need it. Today is one of those days.

Today he wrote: Tolerance is Resistance to Love.

Here’s a snippet that sucked me in:

When your external reality is out of sync with your inner self, your inner self will resist it. This creates the feeling of wanting to escape your circumstances. You may feel powerless to make big changes, but deep down you’ll still sense a strong desire to “get out” and leave parts of your reality behind. You’ll fantasize about quitting your job, moving out, or ending a relationship. It’s easy to lose years of your life while surrounded by incompatible energies. This problem is so common that some people just consider it normal.

People may dismiss these feelings as my almost text-book mid-life crisis. And yet, Steve’s action path for dealing with this problem is novel, liberating and just the message I needed to hear today. Thanks Steve.