A day in the life of an INTJ

Every time I take the Myers-Briggs type indicator, I score as an INTJ. I don’t think about it very often. To me, it’s like having brown eyes. It’s just the way I am. It is only when I don’t react the way others seem to expect that I explore it a bit more. Apparently less than 1% of the population can be categorized as INTJs making us somewhat rare and unusual.

Several people in recent weeks have mentioned to me that some colleagues of ours have found this blog looking for dirt on me or information that they perhaps might use in nefarious ways. The people who brought this to my attention seemed concerned for my well being, advising caution. I really do not know what to make of this. Should I be flattered? Amused? Perplexed that folks are so bored they are reading this blog when they are not truly interested in me or what I write about?

There are currently more than 1.2 BILLION internet users. If they wanted to, all of them could read here. Believe me, if I was not comfortable sharing my words with them, you would not find them here.

A fellow INTJ summed up this experience in a way that could have been my own words.

Some personality types are just strange to me. There are those that seem to thrive on what they believe are secrets. During my conversation with some people, I’ve realized that they have seen this website … but yet, they seem to have trouble admitting that fact … like they would be admitting they have intruded on my personal life or something. I wish they’d just admit the fact so we can engage in conversation around the subject at hand. Sometimes I’ll just say, "Ah, you’ve seen my website" and they will sheepishly admit that they have. For God’s sake … I’ve posted this shit to the world, so, what’s so in secret about it? Oh well … things that just make me go hmmmmm!

He has a wonderful article on life as an INTJ. Enjoy.