Litemind List Contest: My top four

There were 67 entries to the Litemind Group List Project, including mine.

We’ve each been asked to vote for our favorites. Some people submitted just lists. Some people, like me, add lots of narrative to their lists. I’m biased toward narrative. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with the more Spartan lists but I prefer narrative. I read each entry and was initially able to triage the list to just my top 25 favorites. I then further culled the list to just four outstanding posts. However, this was not an easy task and there are many great posts in the contest.

Many of the lists provided great insight into monetizing or driving extra traffic to one’s blog. There is nothing wrong with those goals; they simply are not a priority for me at this time. I blog to clarify my thoughts, to connect with others with similar interests, to track my progress, to play with blog widgets, to organize what interests me in a permanent location, and to share my musings and projects with my friends and family if they are curious. Right now, my personal interests lean heavily towards fitness, personal development, higher education, innovation, entrepreneurship and biotechnology. Thus, my list of “winners” reflects where I am personally and professionally as well as my bias toward narrative.

Without further ado, I present my winners:

  1. 100 Resources To Improve Your Career, Relationships And Money by Lawrence Cheok – this was by far one of the most impressive and useful lists that was compiled for this contest. Bits of narrative were provided to outline the strengths of each link.
  2. 7 Tricks You Need to Fight Procrastination by Samir Bharadwaj – I am a (reformed) procrastinator. This list, especially #4 on fighting the infinite research syndrome, made me laugh. Great advice here.
  3. 100 Sites I Seek Inspiration From by Iain Hamp – like Lawrence Cheok’s list above, this is a great compilation of sites that inspire and provide a wonderful resource.
  4. 40 ways to make your mind your playground by Fier – I’ve started seeing mind maps everywhere recently. Fier constructed one based on his post. I have not played with these but I work with many non-linear thinkers who will love working with this type of thing
One comment on “Litemind List Contest: My top four
  1. fier says:

    I’m really honored to have my list among your favorites. Thank you very much!