Week 56

This was the week where I realized that longer distance running is not compatible with my new job responsibilities. I have just about doubled the amount of time I spend at my main job due to my added administrative responsibilities while I try to get up to speed. These new responsibilities have also impacted my sleep patterns. I have begun waking up in the middle of the night in a panic dreaming of to-do lists. I suspect that as I become more comfortable in the position both the waking and sleeping time commitments will ease. For now however, the sleep deprivation plus stress has given me a cold.

I was able to get in a few of my runs this week but nothing close to what I had planned. Most of my exercise these days is happening between about 11 PM and midnight just to get something in. Given my work, night school, biotech & coming grant review commitments I am not sure that I will even go to the half marathon next weekend. All of my professional commitments come first and I need those hours. For example, when I agreed to attend a grant review session at the end of the month (cool stuff as these proposals are related to Gulf War illnesses), I thought that I would be reviewing two to three 50 page proposals. In actuality, I have eight which showed up this past week that I need to read and write critiques for, in addition to my normal work by the 26th of September. I have certainly found my personal limit for the amount of ways my day can be divided.

Workouts that happened this week: 7 mile run; 3.5 mile run with 1 mile at 6% grade; Four 30 minute yoga sessions. Nutrition was at maintenance this week. I averaged 2097 calories a day with 36% Protein, 25% Fat, and 39% Carbohydrate. No major changes in weight (126.6) or body fat (19.4%) at my weekly weigh-in.

Plan for the next week

Fitness: Back to basic by the book Body For Life. This should get me back on a fast AM workout schedule.

Nutrition: Shooting for maintenance at about 2000 calories a day (perhaps less given the planned decrease in running hours) with my usual 40:40:20 to 40:30:30 ratios for most meals.

2 comments on “Week 56
  1. Julie says:

    Oh my gosh, I can’t imagine working out at 11-12 each evening. I am sound asleep. I hope you can get on an AM schedule.
    Look how far you have come with the weight loss, maintenance and your increase in fitness. Your running has been fab. Don’t compare yourself to runners who have done the marathon and think that we are stronger. Maybe we just didn’t have as much going on. You are a wonder woman yourself!

  2. Cathy says:

    Thanks Julie. It’s hard not to compare myself to mighty women like yourself, even if ultra marathon running is not one of my life goals. Surprisingly I like the evening exercise schedule since it clears my head after a very long day. I’m still trying to work into a morning schedule again since it will fit better in the long term.