Victim Impact Statement

The wheels of justice keep turning. I continue to be surprised by this experience. My purse was stolen on February 4 from my office. Within a week, I knew the alleged thief’s name. From conversations with my police detective, I knew that even though they knew the person’s name, who he called, what he took, what he looked like on video, that it was really up to the Denver District Attorney’s office to determine whether to go forward.

I had and continue to have mixed feelings about this experience. The total dollar value of what was taken was under $700 now that I’ve replaced just about everything. How much tax-payer money has been spent looking into this already? Given that this crime is a misdemeanor what is the punishment? A slap on the wrist? A note in a file? On the other hand, people who commit these acts need some incentive to act within accordance with societal rules otherwise why not just keep stealing. So, of course I’d like this guy to pay. But how? At what cost to us as a society? What is the price to us of not tracking him down?

I sent an email to my detective last week to learn whether there was anything happening, or anything I needed to do. Imagine my surprise when he left me a voicemail that a warrant had been issued for the person’s arrest.  That the crime against me had been added to a list of similar crimes allegedly committed by this person.

Yesterday I received a letter from the Denver District Attorney’s Office requesting a Victim Impact Statement. It seems unlikely but I may get restitution from this. Fascinating.