A friend recently reminded me of my post from 2013 – Caught between Pandering and Bridge Burning – and it made me wish that I wrote more, even if I could not remember the specific memory that triggered it. It was clearly very important in that moment.

I have a few favorite blogs, that I am late to discover:

Mr. Money Mustache – he’s here in Colorado. After a brief post-PhD stint with debt beyond my comprehension (in the 1990s), I have been a saver. He’s upped my game and given me new targets. But I’m not giving up my automobile for a bicycle in winter. There are limits. Also I did not retire in my 30s, so maybe I am just stubborn.

But he’s also pointed out the Wealthy Accountant who generally writes about things that don’t pertain to people in my tax bracket. But his holiday post, Silent Night, was raw, real, heartbreaking. And if he’s like me, in a few years he won’t remember what triggered the words but they will still have power.

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  1. keithtax says:

    Merry Christmas, Catherine.