Lots on my mind, not much to say in public. I’ve been keeping a private journal recently. I got in the habit of writing but don’t have much to share at the moment.

I met with a doctor this morning to discuss tubal ligation. When they called to schedule a surgery date, I learned that it will occur the day the judge is scheduled to sign my divorce decree. I don’t believe in a higher power but I sometimes feel the universe is laughing.

So, if you are looking for wonderful things to read:

I really enjoyed Brad Feld’s recent post Simplify. The idea of the “sunk cost” was one of the most important ones I learned in Business School. I tend to apply it EVERYWHERE in my life.

Julie Berg has completed yet another 100 Mile race with a truly inspiring race write up. Be sure to buy her magic blister repelling foot potion. I have been reading Julie’s blog since about 2004. If her most recent race post inspires you, I encourage you to start at post #1. She is always surprised that people find her inspiring. She is quite simply amazing.

Christine Kane recently gave a speech at a college orientation. I loved her rant on “anything worth doing is worth doing badly.” I especially LOVED this part:

“Sucking is highly under-rated. Sucking should be celebrated. Sucking teaches you that sucking is not the problem. Not trying at all is the problem. Trying to be cool is the problem. Worrying about what everyone thinks of you is the problem. “