Boobs and more

I've now been blogging regularly over the last 4 years. It's given me an outlet for my half-formed thoughts. It's a place for me to collect random things that interest me around the Internet and to keep track of major events in my life. My life is currently in transition and I find there are so many things that I feel I should not write about, at least not in any meaningful way.

My soon-to-be ex moved out a few weeks ago. He took the cats. I miss them but not getting my eyeball licked (by one of the cats) at 3AM.

I joined an online dating site curious to see what dating at 40 would look like. Wow, has it been illuminating. Went for coffee with someone I met there. It was nice. It was also odd to do this when the paperwork on my divorce has not yet been signed by the judge. Of course I started dating my soon-to-be ex much sooner than this after the end of my first marriage.

It's odd having a house on the market. Each day when I leave I have to make sure that if I get a random call in the afternoon it's ready to show. No personal items anywhere. Not all of the Realtors lock the house up after they have been through. I hate that. Need to add more signs at the doors.

This morning I had a mammogram because I turned 40 this year. This triggered something in the Kaiser system that I now need these each year. I'd had one about 10 years ago at a posh imaging clinic in Cherry Creek - that was all about women, silk robes, hot tea, and comfort. This morning was boobs in a vice with a big guy manhandling said boobs to make decent images. Why does my male primary care physician need a women to come in if he's going to touch my breasts but the male X-ray tech can be with me all alone?

The care in HMO fascinates me. I'm healthy so I don't really mind the Grease Monkey approach to well care. I get that it is all algorithm based. It surprised me that they want to image my breasts (I can check these out) each year but have gone to once every three years on my cervix (pretty much hidden).  I'm sure there is a sound cost/risk reason for this but it seems pretty strange.

And speaking of those nether regions, did you know that you can relate the female orgasm ability to style of walking? Who knew. My friend, who used to be an editor for one of the premiere global science journals, sent me this link today. I'll quote from the link: "The results showed that the appropriately trained sexologists were able to correctly infer vaginal orgasm through watching the way the women walked over 80 percent of the time. " Fascinating. As I am about to go review a set of grants focused on a fatal disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's disease), for federal funding, I can only ponder that someone FUNDED this study. Clearly these researchers have different priorities.