Marathon Plan Week 10 of 24

The long runs are getting longer. So far my knees are holding up pretty well.

On the horizon for this week:

  • Monday: off
  • Tuesday: 42 minute run with 22 minutes at threshold pace
  • Wednesday: Strength
  • Thursday: 52 minute run with 8 x 1 minute @ speed pace with 3 minute active recoveries
  • Friday: 40 minutes alternate cardio
  • Saturday: Optional 40 minute foundation run; Strength
  • Sunday: Long Run 1 hour 30 minutes (min distance per Hal Higdon beginner marathon plan is 5 miles)

Because I am a very slow "runner", I checked a novice running plan by Hal Higdon to find the minimum mileage I need to get in on my long runs. He has an 18 week beginner program so I’m superimposing his mileage recommendations on the weekly long run. I think this will become more critical in the last 6 weeks or so of the plan. The longest run on my current plan is 3 hours. Hal Higdon recommends a 20 miler a few weeks out from marathon day. There is simply no way I could cover 20 miles in 3 hours at my current comfortable LSD pace (11 to 12 min per mile). Further would a 3 hour long run prepare me to be able to run the 5+ hours it will likely take for me to cover 26 miles? I doubt it, thus the modification to the training plan. My running is getting stronger. My 1 hour 20 minute run today felt surprising good.

3 comments on “Marathon Plan Week 10 of 24
  1. Irene says:

    Most plans I’ve seen suggest at least one 20 miler up to one month before marathon day, depending on how you need to handle your taper. Even though I was slow, I felt it was crucial to those miles in. It helped with the mental aspect, knowing that I could actually do that. It’s also good knowing that your knees aren’t acting up. Perhaps your just THAT much stronger this time around? What ever you’re doing, it seems to be working. Take care.

  2. Cathy says:

    Thanks for the feedback Irene. I figured I needed to get at least one 20 miler in eventually, not that I’m looking forward to it.
    I’m not stronger than last time. I’m actually training a lot less. But I am making sure that I get all of the foundation runs in and that I REST if I am feeling any aches that are not muscle fatigue. So, I’m a few pounds up; I’m not as fast; I’m not as strong. However, I have happy joints. Hopefully this will work out in the long term. Have a 90 minute run tomorrow when I get to my hotel (work trip). I’m looking forward to running at sea level!

  3. Irene says:

    When I first started having pain issues with my first round of marathon training, I asked an on-line running group about how to handle training, and all of the seasoned runners said to cut how many days a week I run. They stressed quality, not quantity. I never ran more than 3 days a week, and when I got into the higher miles, I only ran twice a week, and one day did swimming or recumbent bike instead. I wasn’t speedy by any means, and I still had pains to deal with, but I could finish the marathon on my own two feet. It definetly is a learning process and endurance SLOWLY builds up. 😉
    I look forward to your future posts!