Running Article

I found a great running article on MSN of all places. The author lists seven distinct training programs for improving speed and endurance. Some are a bit contradictory but then again, we are all different. I will briefly summarize the plans here.

Plan 1: Take One Step at a Time. Increase slowly & steadily. Cut the long run mileage every 4 weeks to give your body a break. I’ve seen plans like this from many other sources.

Plan 2: Run Yasso 800’s

Plan 3: Run Long and Slow. A colleague of mine recommends this for the long run days.

Plan 4: Make every workout count. This 3 day a week plan has a long run, a tempo run & an interval run. Off days are for weight training and other activities. This is very similar to what I am currently doing.

Plan 5: Do Plyometrics. My same colleague who likes long slow runs recommends plyometric training. These exercises make me tired just looking at them.

Plan 6: Run Longer Tempo Runs.

Plan 7: Run Long and Fast. I think this program is just for experts. Sprint the last 9 to 14 miles of your long run. It’s being used by a marathon world record holder, Khalid Khannouchi. Out of my league. I would love to be able to run a half marathon in this person’s marathon time of 2 hours and 5 minutes.