Perserving Life & Limb

A friend of mine is the executive director of the Limb Preservation Foundation. Until she took the job, I had never heard of this local non-profit organization whose goal is literally to save lives & limbs. This organization, and a related for profit Institute for Limb Preservation are the life work of Dr. Ross Wilkins who made it his personal goal to make quality care available to all patients in need of his specialized services regardless of their ability to pay. Inspired by his vision, many other doctors donate their services to indigent patients. Other donations help to cover the expenses of surgical supplies and medicines.

I spent Friday afternoon and evening with a group of approximately 30 people who are intimately involved with the Limb Preservation Foundation. The purpose of this meeting was to brainstorm ideas for the Board to work with to help shape the future mission and vision (and perhaps new name) of the Limb Preservation Foundation. This was an energetic group of dedicated scientists, physicians, volunteers, board members & survivors (many individuals fit into multiple categories). It was really educational to participate in this meeting and to see an organization on the cusp of change and growth. I feel tremendously privileged to have been invited to this meeting and hope that I will be able to help the cause in some way.