Wine is Bad

Last night hubby and I went out for our Valentine’s Day Dinner at O’s Steak and Seafood. Even though Friday was my real "free day", since I ran 6 miles on Saturday (right leg & foot feeling good) I decided it would be OK to splurge. The food at O’s is amazing & they have a glorious wine list. I ordered a single glass of a 1998 Cabernet that I nursed throughout our 1.5 hour meal. Wowsers was it good. I hadn’t had any alcohol since a wedding back in December. Even though I enjoyed crusty french bread with real butter and a few bites of Tiramisu, my intake for Friday (Pizza day) and Saturday were positively at maintenance. I really tried to splurge & while I ate some un-authorized foods it appears that even when I’m bad I’m ending up pretty close to BFL (2052 calories average: 187 g Protein (38%); 55.6g Fat (25%); 183 g Carb (37%)). But I will say that I was a puffy mess this AM. For some reason, red wine creates significant facial edema with dark circles under my eyes that end mid-cheek. Yuck.

The reason I pretty much stopped drinking wine altogether, in addition to the obvious cosmetic reasons, was that it typically made me feel incredibly weak on my workouts. Today was Upper Body with a short (1.25 mile) run afterward to loosen my legs. While I had the typically "weak" feeling, I think I will be able to increase  my weights on most of my Upper Body exercises next week.

On another positive note, I think I am finally getting the hang of making home made nutrition bars. My first batch (strawberry cheesecake bar) turned out too sticky & didn’t want to let go of the wax paper. My second batch turned out too dry & crumbly. But my last two batches have come out really well. Even hubby enjoyed the "crispy treat bar" and the "chocolate Stella bar".  Of course he enjoyed the hand made chocolate almond toffee that I got him for Valentine’s day even more.

2 comments on “Wine is Bad
  1. Julie says:

    Your homemade bars are improving; maybe I should give it another chance. I ended up throwing my first batch out. There were dry and crumbly. I would have rather been eating all bran with cottage cheese. I did, in fact!
    I couldn’t believe it when I saw my name on your blog list. OMG, I didn’t think anyone read that. Thank you.

  2. cathy says:

    Hi Julie
    I love your blog & dedication. I am amazed by how far you can run on so little fuel.
    I find I add sometimes almost 2x as much water as the recipe suggests but if you get too much in there the whole thing turns to paste. My last batch I was running low on dried berries so I knew the carbs were a bit low so I coated my wax paper & bar dough with perhaps 1/8 cup of oatmeal & that really helped with the stickiness.
    Thanks for stopping by.