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Until the Summer of 2004, I had never heard of or read a Blog. This all changed when an incredibly candid and humorous local venture capitalist, Brad Feld, spoke at one of my Entrepreneurship classes. He discussed how he started blogging because he was thinking of investing in a company that was involved in the blogging industry. I have been reading his blog, and many of the blogs that he links to, ever since. One of the blogs I discovered this way was Ben’s, a teenage entrepreneur in California. I love Ben’s blog and am amazed by how much he has already accomplished while still remaining a relatively normal teen. There are a few other entrepreneurship related blogs in my list with great insights and links to other interesting blogs.

The majority of blogs on my daily reading list are written by amazing women who are doing or who have done the Body For Life program. Many of them have now moved beyond Body For Life. For me, it all started with Skwigg, a self-proclaimed work-out freak. Her website and associated blog have an enormous amount of fitness information in an entertaining format. Through her website, I found Maggie’s Caustic Musings. Maggie tracks her progress daily: workouts, nutrition, goals, etc. She is forever raising the bar and experimenting to determine what works the best for her current goals. Tons of great stuff here. Through Maggie’s blog, and several of the Body For Life newsgroups that I read, I have discovered a number of other inspiring women. Shawna  knows much more about combining Body for Life and running than I do.  She also has many diverse interests and  one of the prettiest blogs I have ever seen. Julie  has recently switched from Body for Life to Leanness Lifestyle while training for a 100 mile run. I have no idea how she trains as hard as she does at a calorie deficit. But she is an amazing inspiration for the sheer size and scope of her goals and her determination to achieve them. Stacey (GetNLean) has also moved beyond Body for Life and is working with MsFit to attain her fitness goals. She’s another great resource of motivation due to her humor and persistance in striving toward her fitness goals. Nico’s Fitness Return documents the dazzling transformation of a 40 something woman doing Body For Life. I would love to achieve her level of fitness at any age (check out her Feb 8 pictures). Wow. Most recently I have discovered Kyra’s Blog (Figuring it Out). Kyra’s metabolism got thrown off by marathon training and she is working to get back on track. Her blog is incredibly open about her feelings, training, meals, and goals.

I am officially a blog junkie. If you are reading this post and know of a great blog I’m missing, either in Entrepreneurship or Fitness, please let me know. I’m always looking for additional inspiration.

2 comments on “Blogs I read
  1. Stacey says:

    Thanks for the nice blurb about me. I enjoy reading your blog also. Oh, and I have never seen Kyra’s blog, but I immediately bookmarked it. Thanks for the info!

  2. Shawna says:

    Thank you so much for the nice things you said about me and my site.
    One day we should conspire and see if we can ever get those of us who are all cross linked to actually meet somewhere for some fun. 🙂
    I regularly read you, but I guess I just missed this post, but since you linked to it today, I figured it was a good opportunity to repair my omission of saying Thank You the FIRST time you sent it out. 🙂