Work in Progress

My life is a work in progress. This blog is place for me to track the various and disparate things that interest me. As a full time scientific researcher, it seems like my projects are never finished; they just move through different stages with new goals arising from ongoing discoveries. Other ongoing projects at this time include: (a) transforming my body through the “Body For Life” program (16 weeks and counting) (b) earning my MBA with a focus in entrepreneurship (c) becoming a better teacher to Undergraduates and (d) learning to temper my honesty with compassion ( <– this work has been on the list a very long time). In part, I have created this blog as a place to keep all of the various things on the internet that interest me. If you have happened to stumble across my blog, welcome & enjoy.

2 comments on “Work in Progress
  1. a friend says:

    I’ve known Cathy since she was a wild and crazy gal in Atlanta, and I think she has a lot of wisdom to share. So read this blog darnit!

  2. Annette says:

    I have known this lady since the day she was born and I am so pleased with the imformation she has written. I always knew she would make a difference in this world. Keep up the good work. You make me wish I could live my life over and follow your foot steps. Love you