Unity for People

I have officially seen the future. UP, Unity for People, held its launch event at the Boulder City Club this evening.

From their website:

The Mission of UP is to build a family where a culture of collaboration exists between extraordinary individuals. Where aiding each other, friend or stranger, is a daily occurrence. Knowing that befriending, sustaining and guiding each other will help us as a whole. Our aim is to take all of the small change that happens, bring it together and empower each other to create bigger change in our world today. 

Their vision is to create a better today and an exceptional future for generations to come by connecting amazing people, all over the world, who enable, empower and inspire each other to do extraordinary things. 

This weekend, Tim Williams (House of Genius) and I enjoyed a meal with Joseph (Joey) Arora and Erika Volina, co-founders of UP who shared more of their vision for UP. They have hand selected and recruited about 25 amazing and diverse 18 to 25 year olds for the Boulder UP Center for the purpose of networking but also for solving large societal problems. Their first assignment this evening was to form smaller accountability teams and select the random acts of kinds  they commit to doing over the next month. As Joey explained it, these are the people who are going to be running the country in 20 years, and these are the colleagues they will be doing it with. Certainly there are more details to work out, but I’m impressed by the scope of their vision and the quality of participants they have recruited.

They’ve already lined up major sponsors. Dave Allman, the founder of Knowledge Advantage, is providing a collaborative project management tool to all UP members. Congressman Jared Polis attended the launch event and helped UP secure use of the Boulder City Club.

While UP is currently only in Boulder, CO, Joey and Erika have an ambitious goal of spreading UP to every major metropolitan area in the world. Please contact them if you’d like to help.

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