Transitions – Redux

I wrote recently of my recent transition to my almost dream job.

My amazing friend Johanna humorously also got me a pony.

I also want a pony

I’m only about a month in full time, two by the calendar. It still feels like the right decision. I learn new something daily. The work varies. The mission is clear. I like the people, and our partners. The pace of work appeals to my pressure prompted self. And I love that my boss sends emails/tasks at 10 p.m. and/or 5:30 a.m. on a regular basis. On paper we might be a .gov but we run like a start-up. I love this. While the scope/expansion potential is limited to Colorado by statute, the opportunity/potential to do more, and have more impact, remains enormous.

We’ll be adding one more team member soon – a Communications & Customer Manager (PDF of job description & how to apply) – and yes we had several meetings to pick this non-traditional title and define the scope of work. We’re still a small, flat organization (this position will be #5) so everyone wears a few metaphorical hats. This position is both marketing and communications strategy/execution focused as well as hands on with current and future customers. You should be comfortable using (or at least eager to learn) various cloud based applications such as SalesForce, Google Apps, most CMS systems (we’re switching to Drupal), etc. The advertisement might say that you can apply until October 16th, but if the search goes like mine (see my Transitions post), I’d encourage you apply sooner rather than later if interested. What the advertisement doesn’t say is that you’ll have a windowed office on the 11th floor of a newer, secure, downtown Denver office building. A dedicated covered parking spot is also included, as is 24/7 access to the onsite fitness center. I accepted my position before I knew about any of these benefits, so they were wonderful surprises, but if you are looking for a nudge beyond the interestingness of the work, perhaps these perks will help.