The Limb Preservation Foundation

The Limb Preservation Foundation was founded in 1987 by Dr. Ross Wilkins with the sole purpose of saving lives and limbs. In his own words: When I started my practice over 20 years ago, 80% of patients with bone and extremity cancer died without their limbs. Today, because of the work that has been accomplished by The Limb Preservation Foundation and others, those statistics are completely reversed. But I have to tell you; even though fewer patients die or lose their limbs, this work doesn't get easier. In fact, it is harder than ever to lose these patients and friends.

The Limb Preservation Foundation has a variety of Programs that serve both patients and the community.

  • Patient Assistance-so that all people with extremity issues could have access to the best medical care regardless of their ability to pay
  • Emergency Distress Fund-a "last resort" fund to extremity patients with health or human welfare issues
  • Medical Transport-to assist patients needing travel assistance to a specialized medical facility
  • Limb Cancer Support Network-to provide emotional support and resource information to patients, family members and caregivers.
  • Education-to promote awareness and prevention of limb-threatening conditions, generally due to traumatic injury, to both the public and medical professionals
  • Scientific Research-to develop new therapies for the treatment of bone cancers and non-healing fractures.

My friend Martha is the executive director of the Limb Preservation Foundation. A few weeks ago she hosted a "free" breakfast for the foundation which promoted many of the ongoing initiatives of the organization. This was an incredible event which lasted only about 1 hour. Many people came to tell their personal stories about how they were benefited by the work of Dr. Ross Wilkins and the Limb Preservation Foundation. There were cancer survivors who did not have to lose limbs; parents of child survivors; spouses who got a few more years with a cherished husband or wife; people who had seen the flyer on how to preserve a limb that was removed by injury and were lucky enough to have it reattached. There was not a dry eye in the room. And then came the ask to support the foundation in their efforts. From a business perspective, this was an incredibly well orchestrated event. More than $400,000 was raised at this 1 hour "free" breakfast which was attended by just a few hundred people. Way to go Martha!

If you would like to support the Limb Preservation Foundation, you can do so here.