Spyware, Malware, oh my

For the last day or two every website I visited with embedded advertisements showed me the same 4 or 5 ads. All of them bordered on not safe for work. Why was Carmen Electra everywhere? No I do not want to see Christina Ricci as I’ve never seen her before. It was starting to creep me out when I saw the same advertisements even on Amazon. Business books should not be side by side with soft porn. Something was not right. I updated my trusty Spy Bot Search and Destroy, one of the best shareware programs for dealing with creepy things like this. Normally the "immunize" function keeps me malware and spyware free. My lone intruder was DeepDive which is a Trojan that retrieves and runs adware from a remote server. Relatively benign all in all. My system is now clean and I am once again seeing content appropriate advertisements.

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