Some things can’t be undone

Some things can't be undone. I did two of them yesterday.

In theory, the judge signed my divorce decree yesterday. I suppose I could drive over to the county court house to check but USPS should deliver the signed copy of the decree in 5 to 7 days. I am still amazed that such a major life event can pass so very quietly, with no ceremony, no fanfare, and no need to appear in court for the process to complete. Ours has been an amicable divorce in the scheme of things. There are only a few things left to do based on our settlement agreement: sell the house & remove my ex from all of my insurance policies at work (decree needed for the latter). We've been doing home improvement projects on the weekends trying to make the house more likely to sell. Mostly it's been going smoothly but there are odd moments, like when the cashier at Home Depot wants to know whether we'd like to open a joint credit card account to save 10%. Um, no thank you. I find humor in these moments but I think it is harder for my ex. For this I am sorry.

The second thing required more action on my part, and certainly more ceremony. Yesterday I had my tubes tied – the official name for the procedure is a laproscopic tubal ligation (but they don't tie, they cauterize – this is forever). I was at the hospital by 6:30AM for check in. They rolled me into the operating room by 8:00AM, right on schedule. I woke up by 9:30 AM and was home before 11:00AM. The only external signs are two incision sites – one at belly button and one on pubic bone. Well those and my beach ball like belly.  No lifting, abdominal work or running for 4 weeks.  Yikes. Walking however has been blessed. I suspect I will be doing lots of walking. For now, it's more of a shuffle, so not just yet. My assistant from work was my driver and caretaker yesterday. She's the best. She's already had me check in this AM.