Safety Reminder

One of my running inspirations, Julie B, had a very scary running experience recently complete with a disrobing stalker. Luckily nothing bad happened as she was extremely aware of her surroundings (iPOD users beware), acted very intelligently, and generally got very lucky. Renee, aka Skwigg, posted some great advice based upon Julie’s experience for safer running and life experiences. Given that we have a serial rapist here in the Denver area, my treadmill is looking really enticing. Our heat wave has finally broken; the weather is perfect for running and I just want to slog out those long runs in the safety of my home.  Be safe all.

2 comments on “Safety Reminder
  1. Irene says:

    Thanks, once again, for posting this. I always carry my cell phone and leave the music behind when running outside. You can never be too careful! In addition, THANKS for the info on the electrolytes! I know there’s another marathon in my future and I’m always looking for something new and better!

  2. Cathy says:

    Thanks Irene. I figured the women’s BFL board would remind more folks than just posting here on my blog which doesn’t get that much traffic. I used endurolytes in my long run yesterday, along with perpetuem. I’m getting used to the taste of perpetuem & it seems to be a darned good fuel for my body. I am experimenting with endurolyte dosage. They recommend 1-3 capsules per hour depending. I used 2 during an almost 2 hour run. I did have noticibly less than normal cramping in my feet and calves. No ill effects on belly or performance.